Technical Internships 2014

We support organizations working on grass root technologies and involve students in a challenge to engineer solutions for common man problems, by providing internships opportunities for engineering students in these organizations during their summer term (May to July).

Ever wondered to repair a pump not working in your locality, ever thought of developing an app to increase citizen safety ? Parishodh Technical Internships provides an opportunity to work with organizations developing such grass root technologies. Check out the organizations and projects you would like to intern with :)

Note : Organizations would provide a certificate to the students on successful completion of the internship.

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Sumanpreet Kaur
3rd year, BITS Pilani

The internship was very challenging and provide me with an opportunity to use my technical skills to work for a good cause. We created a web application for visually challenged people using python, HTML and JavaScript. The work environment was very professional and the people there were very cooperative.

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Rite Water Solutions

With ever increasing water quality contamination of ground water sources, our present focus is on providing comprehensive, cost effective and sustainable solutions for providing safe drinking water to habitations across India which are affected by chemical & biological contamination of available ground/surface water source. Rite water solutions aims to is to help solve complex challenges related to water quality by providing clean technologies.
Project 1 : GSM based remote monitoring of water treatment plant across Villages
Project 2 : Card/Teller Based Water Distribution solution (Water ATM)
Required Skills : Electronics/automation & Instrumentation Knowledge
Location : Nagpur
Duration : 6 weeks
Stipend : Accommodation & Travel Cost would be provided. Cash reward would be given based on successful completion

Human First

Humanfirst aims at fighting social challenges with a solution-driven approach. With a belief that all of us are humans first; and every other identifier is secondary, they share a concept that change begins within. They work on various social apps and clean energy initiatives.
Project 1 : Develop an application in Android or iOS which will contribute towards Citizen Safetythrough data collection.
Project 2 : Develop an application in Android or iOS to understand individual?s contribution to green-house gases i.e Carbon Output
Required Skills : iOS or Android App Development Skills,specifically how to use GPS feature on smart-phones to track distance travelled and real - time location)
Location : Work remotely with access to our team in India and US
Duration : 3 months
Stipend : HF will pay for charges to launch and host the application


ARISE works on transforming education for the disabled children through innovative technology, resources & aids instilling confidence and sparking interest among them
Projects : Software Applications Development for Disabled Children.
Required Skills : Android App Development / PHP, My SQL / Google App Engine Development and Deployment
Location : Work remotely with access to our team
Duration : 3 months
Stipend : ARISE will pay for charges to launch and host the application


Ignus aims at powering education by providing video teaching modules to the rural students at an affordable cost
Project : To develop end to end, scalable web applications which shall be used for improving teaching methodologies.
Required Skills : Good knowledge of Java, Python/Ruby
Location : Work remotely with access to our team
Duration : 2 months
Stipend : Rs.5000/month


Kisanraja aims at providing an easy to use and economically viable motor communication and controlling system which enables a user to remotely operate a pump.
Project 1 : To design an efficient software Valve Controller.
Project 2 : To design a wireless communication module between different motors.
Required Skills : Electrical or Electronics background, C, Micro-controller programming
Project 3 : To design a software portal for remotely monitoring the installed units.
Required Skills : PHP, Java and My SQL.
Location : Bangalore
Duration : 2 months
Stipend : No accommodation support.Cash reward would be given based on the successful completion of the projects.

Vidya Help Line

VidyaHelpline believes that every student,even from remote rural areas or under-privileged sections,should get excellent academic/career guidance and is working to eradicate the middle men dependence with a simple toll-free number
Project : To build an interactive user interface which will provide the user comprehensive information about the world of careers in a creative way
Required Skills : PHP, JAVA and My SQL
Location : Hyderabad
Duration : 2 months
Stipend : Rs.5000/month

Gram Power

Gram Power is bringing a paradigm shift in the way power is delivered across rural India. Pre-payment and detecting power theft are one of the key features of what we do. Data and information is something which could help the rural folks leap frog into using the benefits of smart grid
Project : To Develop a software application to manage smart grid systems and smart rural micro grids
Required Skills : Experience with MySQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS, and application programming languages like Ruby, Django and Python.Demonstrated experience of working in groups on large scale online platforms and experience with self learning algorithms, data analytics a plus
Location : Jaipur
Duration : 2 months
Stipend : Rs.5000/month

India Energy Storage Research Foundation

IESRF envisions to promote research, development and demonstration in the energy storage sector for the benefit of the Indian public. Energy storage by way of new high efficiency batteries, storage of thermal energy for industry, Air conditioning and cold storage and flywheel storage & pumped storage systems are all areas of interest for IESRF.
Project : Research and report writing on energy storage, supporting management on energy storage project and events
Required Skills : Interest in Research
Location : New Delhi
Duration : 2 months
Stipend : No

Agasthya International Foundation

Agasthya aims to spark creativity and stimulate the thinking of economically disadvantaged children. Agastya does this by bringing innovative science education to the doorstep of Government schools in various states
Project : Teacher Learning Models is a department headed by Prof.D.R Balurgi at Agatsya International Foundation, which focus on developing working models explaining various scientific and mathematical concepts. Interns are required to work with TLM team in designing new science models and improving existing ones. To check all the internship profiles of Agasthya, click here
Required Skills : Electrical/Mechanical/Electronic degree students with good practical knowledge
Location : Kuppam Campus, Andhra Pradesh
Duration : 1 months
Stipend : No, Food and Accommodation would be provided

Appropriate Rural Technology Institute

ARTI aims to serve as an instrument of sustainable rural development through the application of scientific and technological knowledge. ARTI also provides training on various technologies developed by them so that many more individuals and organizations can build the same in their rural villages.Details of ARTI training modules and their charges can be found here

Reap Benefit

Reap Benefit works to implement affordable solutions enabling quantifiably better waste-water-energy management solutions as a way to facilitate behavioural change by engaging the head, hand and heart of the user.They say our vision is to make green a habit :)
Project 1 : Designing an affordable Home Composter and an efficient magic bins for all kinds of waste. Also design Eco-friendly frames for schools to hold posters.
Project 2 : Retrofitting bio-gas plants and designing a scrubber for them.Designing grey water systems
Required Skills : Out of the box thinking,Good sense of design and usability,Dexterity to work hands-on with projects
Location : Bangalore
Duration : 2 months
Stipend : Rs.3500


This year, Parishodh is also looking forward to offer its own internship for the following projects
Project 1 : Develop an Android app on waste management.
Required Skills : Android Programming
Project 2 : Add Content management System to current website and to design a web portal for the interaction of various Organizations and students on technical projects
Required Skills : Self Driven individual with knowledge of PHP, Java Script/JQuery, MySQL
Location : Bangalore
Duration : 2 months
Stipend : Rs.3000