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National Innovation Foundation India

NIF was started with the help of Department of Science and Technology with the main goal of providing institutional support in scouting, spawning, sustaining and scaling up grassroots green innovations and helping their transition to self-supporting activities.
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  • Description of the project work

  • To understand and study the technologies developed by the innovators and work along with them to add value to the innovation. NIF has a large number of innovations and the intern would be given an option to choose one after joining the internship. Some of the examples of innovations are

    1. Rapid Compost Maker: It is a tractor driven machine developed to reduce the total time for converting biomass into manure to 25 -40 days, as against 120-150 days using conventional methods.
    2. Tree Pruner: It is a tractor mounted device, which makes use of its hydraulic system to move and operate cutters for the pruning of trees which is a very tiresome and time consuming process using conventional methods.

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  • Duration
  • From May 25th to July 20th

  • Location
  • Ahmedabad is the reporting location. The internship requires the interns to do field visits to rural areas nearby

  • Skills Required
  • Good skills in respective engineering branches, willingness to work in rural areas with rural innovators.

  • Travel and accommodation
  • The complete accommodation, travel and food expenses during the internship will be taken care by the organization.

Technology Informatics Development Endeavour

Endeavour is an organization devoted to promoting sustainable development through technological interventions. It shares a concept of development that meets the needs of the neediest, is in harmony with the environment, permits grass root participation, uses local resources and builds local capacity. TIDE has done extensive work on Energy efficient cooking, biomass based dryers and Rain water harvesting.
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  • Work Profile
  • Collect the user level data of various performance indication parameters before and after intervention of improved cook stoves of TIDE and feedback on the socio-economic aspects of the intervention and then compile this data for future use.

  • Duration
  • 2 months(start date flexible).

  • Location
  • Bangalore is the reporting location. The internship requires the interns to do field visits to rural locations in TN, Karnataka and Kerala. The cost to of these visits will be borne by the organization.

  • Skills Required
  • Willingness to travel extensively and ability to work with a team in a multi-cultural environment.

  • Travel & Accommodation
  • Accommodation in Bangalore has to be arranged by the interns for themselves. Expense of work-related travel and accommodation on-site will be borne by the organization.

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