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We support organizations working on grass root technologies and involve students in a challenge to engineer solutions for common man problems, by providing internships opportunities for engineering students in these organizations during their summer term (May to July).

Ever wondered to repair a pump not working in your locality, ever thought of developing an app to increase citizen safety ? Parishodh Technical Internships provides an opportunity to work with organizations developing such grass root technologies. Check out the organizations and projects you would like to intern with :)

Note : Organizations would provide a certificate to the students on successful completion of the internship.

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Sumanpreet Kaur
3rd year, BITS Pilani

The internship was very challenging and provide me with an opportunity to use my technical skills to work for a good cause. We created a web application for visually challenged people using python, HTML and JavaScript. The work environment was very professional and the people there were very cooperative.

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We R Solar (WRS) connects rooftop solar PV Consumers to Installers and Financiers to ensure convenient transition to solar power. We are building an online portal to bring the solar Customer, Installer and the Financier online and scale quickly to different states. We are looking for people to assist us in customer acquisition and managing the commissioning of the solar power plant WeRSolar aims to make sun reliable and affordable.
Project Title : Making Educational institutions and Hospitals go green and reduce their dependency on dirty fuels
Required Skills : Sales and customer acquisition, Suggesting the appropriate connection type to customers, Understanding of rooftop solar system design, Selection of different components that work well together,Sending proposals to customers, Interest in renewable energy and how they impact lives and the environment
Location : Bangalore, Chennai, Nashik, Hyderabad
Duration : May to July
Stipend : 3000/- fixed plus variable on performance

Access Development Services

ACCESS Development Services ACCESS Development Services is a national level livelihoods promotion organization with a focus on incubating innovations and sustainable models for the livelihoods promotion of the poor. Set up in March 2006, ACCESS is structured uniquely to work at all levels of the value chain- implementing programmes on the ground, working with the Civil Society Organizations, Government Department, Corporate Sector and Multilateral/Bilateral agencies. In addition, ACCESS also undertakes a few national initiatives to inform and influence policy and strengthen the enabling environment.
Project Title : Developing Artisan Clusters - Bell Metal Cluster in West Godavari Dt. Of AP state
Project Description : It's a traditional craft of making bronze and bell metal idols and bells. The craft is dying for want of skilled labor and lack of adaptation to modern technologies. It is an integrated project to develop cluster
Required Skills : Smelting, Lathing, Mechanical metallurgy
Location : Hyderabad
Duration : 2-3 months
Stipend : Accomodation and Fooding will be provided, Stipend can be Discussed

Sehgal Foundation

Sehgal Foundation embraces the core values of integrity, excellence, professionalism, and optimism, along with the belief that, with appropriate support from civil society organizations and the government, rural communities will be mobilized to develop their own vision for development and transform their awareness into action.
Project Title : Delineation of water storage and catchment areas of SMSFs water management interventions including check dam, anicut, ponds in Mewat/Alwar (Rajasthan)
Project Description : Sehgal foundation has constructed many water conservation structures under different projects like check dams, nallah bunds, gabions, ponds etc. The candidate will require conducting a field survey for these structures using Theodolite and cross check it with toposheet/google imagery to calculate water storage capacity and catchment area contributing runoff to these structures.
Required Skills : Diploma or Degree in Civil Engineering
Location : Work remotely with access to our team
Duration : 2-3 months

Gram Disha

Project Title : Ecological Construction of Farmers Center
Project Description : Using In-situ material, local craft and contemporary design and architecture, build a farmer's center which will double up as a meeting place and storage for inputs for organic and sustainable agricultural practices. Documentation of process, tools and local craft as per project execution is require. Roofing shell structure is under construction on the farmer's center. To account for thermal insulation, dome construction coursing, Guide building, slate laying.
Required Skills : Preferably civil engineering, architecture or building science technology, with strong inclination on earth building techniques and usage of materials limited to 200 km of project locations.
Location : Village Baag, PO Pangana, Tehsil Karsog, Distt. Mandi Himachal Pradesh
Duration : 2 months
Stipend : Accomodation can be Provided, Stipend : Rs.3000/month


Servals Is a part of the SERVALS Group which has a history of nearly 40 years in industrial marketing. Servals has been designed as a Social Enterprise and is engaged in the manufacturing of socially relevant products. WE have been nominated as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Candidate in the past
Project Details : To build a product chain out of charcoal
Project Description : Serval have a cookstove which generates CHARCOAL as residue. This charcoal with perfect product design and recipes can integrate "rural women cooking on cookstoves" and "a livelihood plan"Already there is an experiment going on in sittiligi valley,thiruvannamalai to make charcoal based soaps. Serval wants to design a product chain out of charcoal to change the value of a lab sample/recipe into commercial products.
Required Skills : Mechanical/Chemical/Material Science, Interested in supply chain
Location : Chennai
Duration : 2 months
Accomodation : Provided
Fooding : Provided
Stipend : Work Based Reward


Nirmaan Organization aims to promote grassroots social innovations, volunteerism, active citizenship and social leadership among the youth of the Nation
Project Title : Mobile/web app development for Yuva Disha
Project Description : The interns will be supporting the project team on developing a mobile/web application. Yuva Disha aims to bridge information gap in the employment ecosystem and integrate the three stakeholders,i.e the job seekers, trainers and employers leveraging ICT. Yuva Disha is an end-to-end service provider for youth in need of employment integrating under it a host of services to cater to the requirements of unemployed youth.
Required Skills : Should have good knowledge of Mobile/Web application development including database management (Javascript, HTML CSS, SQL, .NET)
Location : Hyderabad
Duration : 2 months
Stipend : Rs.5000/month


Bachpanbanao Bachpan Banao works in the domain of education. It is a youth organization driven by the values of humanity, participation, collaboration and respect for all leading towards an inclusive society.
Project Title : Android app development for tracking the child's academic growth
Project Description : The interns will be supporting the project team on developing a mobile application which helps to track the basic reading and writing skills of every child on weekly basis
Required Skills : Should have good knowledge of Android application development including database management (Javascript, HTML CSS, SQL)
Location : Dantewada
Duration : 2 months
Stipend : Rs.5000/month


Parishodh Aims to drive a socio-economic change towards sustainable development using Science and Technology as an enabling tool.
Project Title : To contribute to the open source software projects developed for NGOs
Project Description : Parishodh has developed open source software projects for NGOs on finance, project management and ecommerce portal gathering some of the common requirements of NGOs. The responsibility of the intern would be to learn, update the softwares and customize it to the NGO.
Required Skills : Full stack development. Front end, Backend and Databse knowledge.(html, css,Javascript. One of the Jquery, angular or react frameworks. Java, python, Django for Backend.MongoDb or Mysql for DB
Location : Bangalore
Duration : 2 months
Stipend : Food and accoommadation will be taken care or Rs.5000/month stipend would be given


Aadim Aadim is an initiative to make a sustainable change in the lives of tribal communities of Dantewada. Dantewada has around 800 organic farmers who produce various goods such as vegetables, fruits, millets, rice, pulses etc. Presently, farmers sell this produce either in the local haat bazaars or to the local traders. The traders do not give them good price for the produce neither do they receive any premium on the organic produce in the local market. Aadim plans to develop as a farmer producer company and is working on developing market linkages, organic shops, seed banks and technology based innovation in farming. A brief background and description of each project in detail can be found here

All the projects will be guided and assisted. We are looking for motivated candidates having interest, experience and expertise in the following broad areas may contact: Rural Development and Sustainable Livelihoods, Social Entrepreneurship, Agri Business Management, Business Development, Marketing, Branding and Advertising, Hotel Management,Post Harvest Processing Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Renewable Energy, Appropriate Technology Software Development, Database Management, Android Application Development, Agriculture, Horticulture, Organic Farming, Camera, Direction, Video editing and processing
Project 1 : Market linkage for the organic produce
Project 2 :
Developing an end-to-end business plan for this organic mart; demand analysis in the local market to judge the viability of the mart; market analysis; assessing the potential production; supply chain analysis; designing logistics operations and pricing policy etc.
Project 3 :
Designing a Organic Cafe with its dishes, design, arrangement; identifying various local and tribal dishes, exotic wild vegetables, roots, mushrooms which have popularity among the local population by conducting PRA in the community; Conducting pilots to assess the acceptance and response for such a theme based restaurant in Dantewada town; Preparing a business plan to ensure the self sustainability of the cafe which will be run by the local young entrepreneurs.
Project 4 :
Organic Input Shops - Designing a self sustainable business model around the organic input market of the district; developing a business plan encompassing the production of inputs by the farmer groups and their procurement and marketing in the organic input shops.
Project 5 :
Seed Bank of Traditional Varieties- Scounting and developing a plan for the preservation and cultivation of these varieties for next season by working with the farmers; designing an overall structure of the seed bank which will take shape over the period of time
Project 6 :
Android based mobile app for field workers.In the form of backward linkage, the platform will be instrumental in maintaining documentation for organic certification, giving timely information to the farmers, estimating demand for inputs etc. As a forward linkage, the platform will help in estimating the production provide market rates; managing the logistics, operations, payments etc.
Project 7 :
Creating a multimedia content on sustainable agriculture working with the experts and scientists in organic farming, shooting the videos with the help of local community resource persons and finally editing the content so as to publish the videos
Project 8 :
Designing Solar Energy based dryers for food processing. Dantewada has various food minor forest and farm products such as Mahua flowers, Mango, Leafy vegetables etc. which are dried and sold into the local market. This process is troublesome and lot of contamination happens in such products as they are dried in open. There is a good potential to introduce solar energy based dryers for processing such products which will not only reduce the efforts of women but will also improve the quality thereby rendering good rate in the market
Project 9 :
Designing Solar/Wind/Human Power based solution for Low Lift Irrigation as the region doesn't have electricity and diesel pumps are unaffordable by many
Project 10 :
Designing low cost check dams for irrigation.We are looking for the customized solution where the low cost check dam can be constructed using the materials that are easily available in the community
Project 11 :
Designing a water purification system based on local natural surface water sources by assessing existing solutions
Location : Dantewada
Duration : 2 months
Stipend : Food and accoommadation will be taken care along with Rs.5000/month stipend would be given


Act to Rise for Innovation in Special Education (ARISE) is a non-profit Charitable Trust headquartered at Chandigarh, and recognized with charitable status. We develop and disseminate self-learning resources for the differently-abled and marginal communities. Our philosophy is of self-learning leading self-awareness, empowerment and hence, focusing on increasing engagement with education and likelihood of employability over the longer term.

We started serving our mission first in 2010, with Special Education Module for Visually Challenged at Institute for the Blind, Sector 26, Chandigarh. Special Education Module is a talking audio resource compatible across various devices, especially mobile platforms. We conducted in-classroom on-ground research studies to build models of cognitive learning for visually challenged children and their skillset and learning gaps. Based on our research, we have developed over 200 SEMs and distributed to more than 300 visually challenged children in India. Our impact has shown in typical 21% increase in test scores, shifting second-divisions to first, and gaining 98-100% engagement levels with our SEMs. Besides, SEM, our focus is to develop a universal access learning Android App and game-based learning modules for visually challenged, deaf and dumb, and physically challenged. Our current working collaboration include Institute for the Blind, Institute for the Deaf and Dumb, Indian Association for Muscular Dystrophy, Internshala, HelloIntern, Nirmaan, Swami Ram Krishna Paramhansa Maa Sharda Sewa Samiti, Medha Society, etc.

Our past accolades include our founder, Abhishek Syal, being recognized under MIT TR35 Under 35 Innovator, India (2013) and NCPEDP Universal Design Award (2012) for his invention for self-learning technologies for visually challenged. We are registered with United Nations Online Volunteering Program and also awarded under Google Grants. ARISE is winner NGO in Mobile Usage category under eNGO Challenge Awards (2014) amongst 700 NGOs in South Asia region and a Social Enterprise partner for City Awake Conference in Boston, USA.
Project 1 : Backend (server side) development for websites
Project Description : Structure the database and write server-side scripts for various functionalities to be implemented for ARISE websites.
Required Skills :
MySQL. PHP / Django / NodeJS. Any other Database / server side language with demonstrated deployment experience

Project 2
: Android App Development
Project Description : Develop and modify the Android apps for ARISE. The developers will have to work in close coordination with the backend team.
Required Skills : Experience in Android app development. Knowledge of changes in Android development API over the various release versions. Experience handling apps with dynamic data (JSON / XML format)
Project 3 :
iOS App Development
Project Description : Develop and modify iOS apps for ARISE. The developers will have to work in close coordination with the backend team.
Required Skills : Experience in iOS app development. Proficient in Objective C / Swift. Knowledge of changes in iOS API over the various release versions. Experience handling apps with dynamic data (JSON / XML format). Knowledge of Apple UI and code guidelines
Project 4 :
Cross Platform Mobile App Development
Project Description : Develop cross platform mobile apps for iOS and Android using web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The developers will have to work in close coordination with the backend team.
Required Skills : HTML5, CSS3. JavaScript. AngularJS (preferable, but not must). PhoneGap / Cordova (preferable, but not must). Experience in Android or iOS development a big plus
Project 5 :
Machine Learning
Project Description : Code the recommendation engine for the mobile application / website using the database managed by the backend team.
Required Skills : Proficient in data structures and algorithms. Knowledge of machine learning and recommendation algorithms
Project 6 :
Natural Language Processing
Project Description : Develop modules to interpret language from audio’s and convert it to summarized text.
Required Skills : Experienced in NLP
Project 7 :
Image Processing
Project Description : Work - Develop modules for interpreting road signs, currency notes etc.
Required Skills : Experience in image processing / computer vision algorithms. Experience in OpenCV / Matlab or any other image processing library
Project 8 :
UI / UX Designing for Mobile apps and Websites
Project Description : Design screens and UI kits for the mobile apps and websites of ARISE.
Required Skills : Experience in Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator or similar softwares. Knowledge of modern day mobile / website UI designing patterns and standards. Knowledge of differences in resolutions and aspect ratios in common mobiles and tablets
Project 9 :
Frontend Development for Websites
Project Description : Develop the front-end for the websites of ARISE. The developers will have to work in close coordination with the backend team.
Required Skills : Experience in HTML5 and CSS3 and JavaScript. Experience in jQuery / AngularJS. Experience in writing responsive web designs. Experience in handling AJAX requests
Project 10 :
Produce animated infographics videos
Project Description : Design and develop animated infographic videos for ARISE.
Required Skills : Experienced in Adobe Premiere Pro / Adobe After Effects or similar video creating softwares

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