On the projects front, the onus really lies on the students about the technologies in which they wish to get involved. There are a multitude of projects for students of different technical backgrounds. I developed the prototypes for air ionizer and temperature controlled fan. The prototype development phase especially was a steep learning curve for me and helped me a lot in preparing for my future professional life.

Rohit Gupta, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Delhi

National Innovation Foundation, 2012

I worked on a knock down model of a household stove. I was also involved in experiments to test the efficiency of other industrial grade cooking stoves which were being developed at that point of time. My contribution on this project was the first step towards designing a metal stove product for a group of women entrepreneurs. The internship helped me a lot in improving my understanding of the subject of social entrepreneurship and gaining ability to work in a team

Jyotsna, Manipal Institute of Technology

TIDE, 2012

The internship was very challenging and provided me with an opportunity to use my technical skills to work for a good cause. We created a web application for visually challenged people using python, HTML and JavaScript. The work environment was very professional and the people there were very cooperative. I learnt a lot from them about work ethics, cooperation and team work. During the internship I also got an opportunity to interact with the students of Institute for Blind, Chandigarh which was a very humbling experience and I would cherish it for my life time

Sumanpreet Kaur, BITS Pilani

ARISE, 2013

I worked on creating new scientific hands-on models for school students under the viable guidance of Prof. Baluragi. The internship also included active participation in the community outreach programmes by visiting the community centres and teaching the village school children which was a unique and heartening experience for me. The staff was very supportive and assisted me in every possible way. The initiatives taken and efforts put in by Agastya for providing practical knowledge to government school children are inspiring and very much appreciable.

Sai Sreedhar Varada, IIT-BHU

Agastya, 2013

My project was in the robotics lab. We made small interactive robots for teaching kids. The place and the people were very good. I had many wonderful experiences like going for community visits, teaching and interacting with kids

Lalitha Poluri, PESIT

Agastya, 2013

I developed an android app to be used as an e-learning platform targeted towards educating children with muscular dystrophy and also reaching the far corners of technology deprived rural lands. The work environment was very free and productive. Open discussions took place quite frequently to discuss new ideas and issues related to the project

Nihav Jain, BITS Pilani

ARISE, 2014

I was responsible for building a completely new website for the VHL project with a revamped look. The primary objectives I was assigned were clarity, and ease of use and access. The people were friendly & helpful but they respected our own personal space as well. I got to meet a General Manager of Eastern India Coalfields accompanied by Chandrasekhar Sir (CEO of VHL), and it was a priceless learning experience which I will never ever forget

Mohonish Chakraborty, Academy Of Technology

Vidya Helpline, 2014

I worked in Himachal Pradesh for developing ecological building systems. It was a great experience to work with Ashish Gupta who has a vast experience in the field of ecology.

Vamsi Krishna, Vignan Jyoti Institute of Engineering and Technology

Gram Disha, 2015

The working environment was great, I interacted with a lot of people, experienced a lot of new things which till now were only known to me in theory. Every effort was made by our co-ordinator to clarify the doubts we faced in our journey to this new experience. My project was Intervention of technology in farming practices, currently being implemented in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh with more than 1000 farmers involved in the project. I was responsible for building a website which can be used to view progress of farmers

Shubham Shukla, Galgotias University

Aadim, Nirmaan Organization,2016

I learned how to interact with people from different cultures, understand them and create working solutions for them. It gave me a chance to interact with an NGO and helped in forming some valuable contacts. My project was to build a system that combines modern Internet and mobile communication systems with offline database syncing for smooth farming. Many times farmers are confused about decisions in farming related timings and procedures. Based on sowing date of crop, CRP would send reminders to farmers about application of seeds and training as per schedule.

Jai Arora, Galgotias University

Aadim, Nirmaan Organization,2016

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