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  • More than 1 million villages in our country still don't have access to electricity. Over 37.7 million people in India are affected by water-borne diseases due to contaminated drinking water supply. National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) stated that there were at least 16,196 farmers' suicides in India in 2008, bringing the total since 1997 to 199,132. And the list continues. All this converges to the same point that India needs to concentrate more on the advancement of grass root Technologies.Parishodh is started in 2011 as an attempt to solve such grassroots problems through the use of technology.

The organizational structure of Parishod consists of core team,research team and management team. The core team looks after the overall working and administrative tasks while research team will carry out core research and development activities

Core Team:

The core team and the management team identifies and defines problem statements by interaction with Govt., organizations and communities. It initiates research projects and form research teams by inviting students, technical associations; initiating TIC projects. It initiates collaborations with Govt. and organizations. It monitors the progress of research projects; facilitates required mentorship and raise funding for the projects. The core team also conducts competitions to acquire best ideas and teams.Management team also works for arranging funding for the projects officially taken up by Parishodh. In case of the projects in association with Govt. or other organizations, funding can be sought from them. The terms of funding in such case will be decided when the projects are initiated

Research Teams:

Research teams conduct research on the projects taken up. Their association with Parishod may remain limited to the project or it can go beyond through their involvement in the functions of core team. The members of core team can also be encouraged to participate in research projects. With time this overlap of functions should increase evolving into an expanding, participatory, self evolving but well coordinated structure

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